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Easily Edit Your Site

Some web design companies try to get as much money as they can out of you - so they tend to design your website in a way that makes you have to come to them every time you want to merely change a comma, charging you unnecessary maintenance fees for this. Well, we believe in empowering our clients as much as possible. That's why we do our best to design as much of the site as possible to allow easy editing by non-technical people. You will be able to simply log-in to your site, go to a page and edit it like you would a Word document. It's not hard to do and we will walk you through exactly how to do this once your project is complete. And if you ever have trouble in the future or forget how to use it, we are always available to help show you again. 

To be clear, there will always some elements of a site's design or functionality that you would need a professional to do, but the day to day changes you need to make will be easy to do on your own.