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A Basic Understanding of CSS

After a basic understanding of HTML (see my previous blog post on this), the next thing you’ll want to get a handle on is a thing called “CSS”.  It is the language used to control the visual presentation of the content you

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A Basic Understanding of HTML

There are many things one can know about web design, but none are more fundamental than HTML.  It is the most basic language involved in making up a web page, and every web page you ever visited uses it.  It is the web equivalent to laying the foundation of a house and then putting together its f

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Understanding Color Codes

When doing any kind of web design at all, whether you are making a site from scratch, using a Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress, or even using a turnkey online website service like GoDaddy’s Website Tonight, you will have some dealings with setting or changing COLOR

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Your Website's "Value Proposition": What is it and how does it help you get more business?

When you first think about website design, you might tend to think strictly of things like the appearance of the graphics and text, the ease of navigation for the user, and the features it should have (such as a blog, e-commerce capability, etc).  And while these things are important, they have t

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FTP Programs – What are they and how are they used?

One of the most often used tools when one is setting up their own website is an “FTP Program”, and although this tool is not exclusive to the field of web design, it is certainly something a web designer needs to be well familiar with.


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